Emotions were high; everyone’s excitement filled up the room as one by one-new Protégés walked into the American University of Kuwait’ multi-purpose room. After months of planning, interviewing, and rigorous selection processes The Protégés Mentorship kick started on August 3rd 2014.

Mentors Shamlan Albahar, Rana Alkhaled, Abdulaziz Aloughani, Abdulziz Aladwani, Khaled Alibraheem, and Yarub Bourhammah introduced themselves to the 25 students.


The session started off with activities to ‘break the ice’, so that the students could get to know each other. The activities ended with a communication circle.

A ball was tossed around randomly by one protégé to a fellow protégé. The person who tossed the ball asked fellow protégé a question about whether he or she has had a certain experience. Each person who has done what the question asked shared his or her experience.


Mentor Rana Alkhaled wrapped up the talk. One student loved how spontaneous the session was. Protégé Jana Alhuneidi shared how she “loved how we got to know about other peoples experiences and how we tend to think that we are the only ones who has these experiences, but in reality we are all interconnected and very much alike despite the fact that we tend to think we are different.”


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