The second day of the protégés program was just as exciting as the first. Generation 1 graduate Sherifa Al Sulaiti gave the students a talk titled “Why the Proteges?”, where Sherifa talked about her experience with the Proteges.

“I used to think that I knew everything” she exclaimed as she recalled her days as a fresh graduate from university. “But then I realized that the “everything” I knew was related to the confined tiny world I lived in, merely a spec in a vast universe waiting to be discovered”.


She stressed the importance of passion as the drive force for the decisions we make in our lives and how The Proteges experience and the time thereafter changed her.”Yes” Sherifa said, “it may seem as a lot of changes embedded within a small time frame but that is the inner core of great experiences in life and I’m pleased that today I am doing what I am passionate about” .

After all we are the cause of our life not the effect.

Mentor Mishari Al Muffareh started his lecture. Harbouring their ambition, he outlined the skills of strategic decision making in order to construct a clear pathway to the life they seek to live. To conquer their goals Mentor Mishari stressed they seek to acquire, and become the person they aspire to be.

“It is important to realize that if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you always have” he explained “at The Proteges we will help you along the way but the act of decision making and changes needs to come from within. Mentor Mishari outlined the significance of how they solely are in charge of our actions and ultimately their life. Mentor Mishari shared the tools and techniques to aid the students in building up the pillars of success  and how to make one’s dreams become a feasible reality.

Finally, the session ended with a section on body language and what they tell about a person.  A fun twist to a fully enriching day.

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