Day 22: Winning Time Documentary

During this day, mentor Shamlan Al Bahar gave a spontaneous lecture on success. Also, the proteges watched a documentary titled “Winning Time” detailing the struggles and successes of Basketball star Reggie Miller.

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Day 23:

This day was beneficial for the students in relation to their project work. They were given a lecture on how to organise their teams using spreadsheets and online resources.

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Day 24: Technical Tips and Tricks

This day continued the day before. A lecture given by Mentor Mishal Al Ibrahim discusses the importance of Google and the quick ways to better understand how the Microsoft applications work.

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Day 25: Business Ethics

Mentor Rana Al Khaled gave this session. The session mainly discusses Business Ethics: the dos and don’ts of business practices. The proteges were given key words and information and were asked to apply that to numerous cases that mentor Rana presented.

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