The Proteges Candidates were heartfully welcomed and seated at KIPCO Chairman’s Club. Their journey was begun by asking them to write letters to their future selves. After that, Mentor Shamlan AlBahar gave a welcome speech and further explained the aim of the day. Following that, a representative from KIPCO welcomed the Candidates and gave a mini speech about KIPCO and their role in supporting the Proteges.


Furthermore, two of The Proteges Candidates were passionate about photography. Therefore, they were asked to align their mates and themselves in a creative way for the group picture.

After the group picture, the Mentors started introducing themselves, each mentor talked briefly about his/her career life and achievements. Further, each Mentor talked about the importance of the Candidate’s presence in the program and the mutual benefit of the journey for both the Candidates and The Proteges community. All Mentors promised that they will be there for the Candidates and will answer their questions not only during the program time-frame, but also for the future.


Following that, Chancellor Faisal AlDuwaihees introduced himself and his fellow Chancellors and gave a brief definition of the Chancellor’s roles in the program.

Later on, the Mentors went thoroughly by the code of conduct and explained the points for the Candidates who asked for elaboration.

Proceeding with the day, a bunch of icebreaker activities were done to tap on the skills of The Proteges Candidates. For example, in the first exercise the Candidates were split into 5 groups, they were given random pictures and they were asked to create a random story from the pictures within a limited time-frame. Then, they had to present their created stories for the Mentors, each group had 1 minute to present.


Generally, the icebreaker activities aimed to test and challenge the Candidates time management, communication skills, their tolerance, respect and acceptance to the ideas of their fellow team members and their opponent teams. Furthermore, the activities helped the Candidates to broaden their perspectives and awareness about themselves and their mates.


Mentor Shamlan concluded the day by asking the Candidates, the Mentors and the Chancellors to reflect loudly about their experience of the day. They were all asked about the way they felt when they first came in, and about their feelings at the end of the day. The most frequent feelings at the start of the day were “nervous, worried and uncertain”. However, the most frequent feeling at the end of the day was “excited”. Summing up the beginning of the journey, all of the Candidates reflected upon the activities done and how it elevated them from different states of mind to a united one soul.