The day started by an introductory talk given from the Head of Public Relations Department of KPC Mr. Jamal AlSanousi. He opened the talk by a brief introduction about himself and the breakdown of KPC. To grab the Candidates attention, Mr. Jamal challenged them to name each subsidiary under KPC by its logo. After that, he mentioned the responsibilities of each subsidiary and said that all of KPC subsidiaries work to support each other. Mr. Jamal linked this to the Proteges Candidates and said that he wishes to see them working in collaboration and as a one team.


Mr. Jamal further mentioned that the KPC is proud to support The Proteges and that they believe that it is a successful program, also he said that their support to The Proteges is a “win-win situation”. Mr. Jamal also spoke about the importance of planning, he said that planning is one of the biggest parts of success. He advised the Candidates to always learn new things and to be as creative as they can in their work.


Mr. Jamal’s talk was concluded by thanking and honouring him with a certificate of appreciation from The Proteges Program and a group picture with Generation 8.


The second part of the day continued with Mentor Rana Al Khaled, where she referred to Mr. Jamal’s humbleness and modesty and advised the Candidates to look at him as a role model. Mentor Rana said “Modesty will always protect you and you will have people listen to you more and more when you are humble and modest”. She then asked the Candidates to divide themselves into two groups for the first activity. The activity was about business ethics; several cases were given to the Candidates to either agree or disagree with the shown statements. After the activity, Mentor Rana explained the 5 important values that must be known to avoid falling under any violation. She went through the 5 values in details and she allowed the Candidates to ask as many questions as they wanted. The Candidates were highly interactive during the session and the activities, they provided real life examples in their questions for Mentor Rana and that made the session flows smoothly for them with a very deep understanding for the concept of Business Ethics.


Later on the day, Mentor Abdulaziz Al Loughani introduced Mr. Mohammed Jaffar to the Candidates. Mr. Mohammed started his session by talking about the potential of human beings and how it can be built and nourished. He talked about his passion in business, which he carried since he was a kid. And how after 4 years of his graduation from the university, he started to observe the work in the companies around him and the performance of the employees. After his observations, he started to put his learnings into practice. Furthermore,  Mr. Mohammed spoke about how the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful man is his ethics. Mr. Mohammed said that in order to make a long-term success in a business, one must be patient, determined and committed to the ethical path.


Mr. Mohammed was asked about the way he dealt with his fears and his challenges along his journey. He stated that: “Fear is normal and it is part of being human, it is okay to fail, yet one must learn from his failure”. Also, he said that sometimes he pushes himself beyond his comfort zone to try new things and to test his potential.