Saturday started with an exciting workshop with Mentor Fatima Al Qadfan at Maria Al Qubtiya’s High School. This workshop focused on the Candidate’s listening skills, verbal and nonverbal communication and helped them think outside of the box. The Candidates performed many activities, where each activity focused on a specific aim that the Candidates benefited from. After each activity, Mentor Fatima encouraged the Candidates to reflect on their feelings and their learnings. The Candidates came out of each activity with a realization about themselves and the group.


As Mentor Fatima was reflecting on the activities, she said: “We all have different energy and standards”. She also asked the Candidates to look back at their behaviours and reactions when they were involved in the activity, and how it might affect their communication when they will be working on their project. She emphasized on the importance of noticing themselves, the others and she advised the Candidates not to fix each other but rather take care of the group.


Later on the day, the Candidates met Mr. AbdulAziz Alturaiji and the Elevation Burger team over a delicious lunch at Elevation Burger. Mr. AbdulAziz spoke about how The Elevation Burger team is very active in the community and shared one of their recent initiatives which is the Local Chef Collaboration to promote the local talents that we have in Kuwait. Furthermore, Mr. Abdelaziz showed his appreciation for having the opportunity to support The Proteges for 4 years in a row. He also said that he is proud of the success of the previous generations and that he cannot wait to witness the success of Generation 8. He concluded his talk by advising the Candidates to help each other and to focus on the given workshops and activities so that they can get the maximum benefit out of their journey.


Following that, Mentor Shamlan Al Bahar challenged the Candidates to create a cover for a novel that was assigned for them as a task. In only 10 minutes, the Candidates came up with creative ideas for the cover and they also included different titles.


Next the Candidates were surprised by a guest speaker who was Dr. Adel Al Yousifi who is the author of the novel that they have read. Dr. Adel encouraged the Candidates to open a discussion with him about the ideas he introduced in his novel. Dr. Adel explained the relationship between the person’s intention and the things he/she perceives in life. Dr. Adel emphasized on the importance of critical thinking, he said that everyone should question everything before following any statement. He also stated that the aim of his novel is to provide a platform for the reader, in which the reader can find his own way of thinking. Finally, the Candidates shared with Dr. Adel their favourite quotations from the novel and they presented to him the covers and the titles they have created earlier that day.