Early birds stayed in the mansion this morning to attend a session given by Mentor Rana Al Khaled about  Talent Discovery; where they had to explore themselves, reflect on their passion and find who they truly are. After having lunch, the whole group jumped in the bus to drive straight to YMCA theater of Swansea where they performed their playback in front of  live audience. The Candidates have been training for this performance for the past 4 weeks and they impressed the public including the Mentors. Success is driven by hard work, and that is certainly the motto of Generation 8 who truly gave everything on stage.


We were glad to have Ms. Abeer Al Omar, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at KIPCO, who honored us by her presence. After the play, the University rewarded The Proteges Mentors to whom we would like to extend our appreciation and gratefulness.


Once back at the mansion, a surprise guest was waiting for the Candidates to continue celebrating the success of their performance. Our guest came all the way from Los Angeles to spend time with Generation 8, who were extremely happy to welcome Ms. Ola Al Fares. She will be spending the upcoming two days at the mansion to share her inspiring life experience. The Candidates shared with Ms. Ola Al Fares some delightful moments of their journey in The Proteges and the experiences they have been through until today.


The day ended up quietly in the mansion, dark light, candles and bonfire to meditate and reflect on the Candidates’ inner evolvement during the program.