Today was in collaboration with Ooredoo, The Proteges Generation 8 Telecom Partner. On the road to Cardiff to visit the Senedd – National Assembly of Wales and the Millennium Centre. A cultural day away from the countryside to discover the capital. Next stop was the Cultural Centre of Wales; where the Candidates were taken in to a tour around the theatre. Starting with the backstage, the tour guide explained how backstage operates and the reason for having ultra high ceilings. They then took the Candidates to the grand theatre, and they allowed them to explore the acoustic walls, and understand how performers perform without a microphone and how sound travels in the room. It was such a great experience for Generation 8.


Next stop was at the Castle of Cardiff where the staff presented to the group the Bad Wolf studio where couple of movies have been filmed such as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who. Generation 8 visited the studios and the impressive parts of the castle. The Candidates walked into the dungeon that is only accessed by VIP guests. It was 4 stories low, and it was the location of where most of Doctor Who’sset was present. The Candidates were in awe because of the mystic atmosphere and the medieval feeling.


The day ended with a talk with Ms. Sara Al Qabandi from Ooredoo, who honored us at the mansion to spend some days with the Generation 8. She explained what Corporate Social Responsibility is, and what is Ooredoo’s role in this sector. Ms. Sara then allowed the Candidates to ask questions about how it is working in a corporate private company. She enjoyed answering them questions, and wrapped up the by giving advices about allowing oneself to explore their talents, and never stop. The sun has set, everyone is ready to rest to wake up in the early morning of the last day in Swansea.