Orange juice, cereal, and warm pain au chocolate is served! Generation 8 are ready to kick start the day. Today was in collaboration with United Real Estate Company, the Candidates started the day by developing and strategizing their project. Creativity, and leadership were all over the place, scrapping on paper and interviewing their fellow mates to place each candidate in the appropriate group. Then the Candidates met with Ms. Ola Al Fares, everyone sat in a native American tent. Cozy, warm, and perfect for a deep conversation. Ms. Ola started talking about her journey of success, how she convinced her family into letting her kick start her career in journalism, and be a journalist on TV. She shared a part where she said that she had to sleep in the car because of the delayed salary, and didn’t want to ask her family to send her an allowance in order to show them that she can depend on herself. All Candidates were in awe about what one would do for the things they love, and how much the price of success cost, and it’s not necessarily monetary. Ms. Ola was a great success example, as she had developed herself into becoming a very influential person.


Furthermore, Generation 8 enjoyed playing a game with the Mentors, it was Q&A, and every answer is accompanied with an action. For example, some students had to sing their answer. The dynamic and atmosphere were exquisite, and a great bonding time.

Then the Candidates moved to a sentimental session with Mentor Shamlan called Small and Big Moments. It explained to the Candidates how to enjoy small moments, how to remember scents in order to remember beautiful memories. Small moments such as watching sunsets in a garden, sitting around bonfire, friends laughs, celebrations, and so on. Generation 8 were engaged in a surprising, beautiful way, sharing their feelings and experiences, which made the session much more influential. The session wrapped up with a surprise, which was considered as a “Big Moment” it was a British choir singing songs for the Candidates. Everyone was in awe including the Mentors to the point tears were coming down from happiness. The beauty and the sentimental atmosphere added a big value to memory keeping for Generation 8 to never forget this moment. After the choir, dinner was served, the sun has set, and everyone was taking off for the next day.