Last day in Swansea at Rhossili Bay where Generation 8 had some time off to enjoy the beautiful beach and pure weather before starting their session with Carreg Adventure about the “Art of Storytelling”. They were divided into groups and had to collect elements from Mother Nature to create a story on the sand and let the Mentors guess the story from the beginning till the end. The task was successful and all of them used their brilliant creative minds to blow their teammates and Mentors minds.


Then it was time to head back to the mansion for lunch and the last session in Swansea with Mentors Yarub Burhamah and Rana Al Khaled, called “Hope for the Flowers”. Emotional moments were shared with the group, learning that nothing comes easy and patience always gets rewarded.


Finally, after packing the Mentors, Chancellors and Generation 8 shared their last dinner in Swansea and right after that, gathered around a bonfire to reflect and express their feelings on their journey. Mentors have decided to write a letter for each one of them putting their thoughts together in one paper. A letter that will last with them forever.

At 1am the mansion was empty, everyone was on their way to London Heathrow to catch their flight back to Kuwait. There were mix emotions within the group who spent the last 10 days together. However a new phase for Generation 8 will start upon their arrival to Kuwait to apply what they have learnt throughout this unforgettable experience.