Today was the first session back in Kuwait for The Proteges after their delightful journey in Swansea. They were divided into groups for Mentor Rana’s “If walls can speak” activity. Each group was assigned about 10 different cities, totaling up to more than 50 cities in Kuwait with variable areas. It seemed like a very simple task at the beginning; however, after hours of taking pictures of the walls, and a huge effort to observe patterns in paintings and graffiti Generation 8 were amazed about how much was hidden in those walls.


Some groups found out that those walls were an ancient form of communication and identification between Kuwaiti tribes. As well as, the paintings portrayed images from ancient Kuwait such as old cutlery, tool and oil extraction methods. The next part of the task is for the students to present their findings in a few days in their own creative ways to Mentor Rana.