Generation 8 met at American University of Kuwait to present their findings after Mentor Rana Al Khaled’s “If the walls can speak” activity. According to the presentations, the Candidates were very inspired by the walls that they would usually not look at. For example, they noticed how people used these walls to express their feelings through graffiti, as well as mark their presence as tribes using numbers. Each group presented a unique presentation of its areas and each presentation ended with a great discussion with Mentor Rana.


There comes a point in every generation where the previous generations passes down their most valuable project advices. Today, was the day when five previous generations gave Generation 8 their top advices for their upcoming project based on their past experiences. The day included presentations from “RAH” Generation 3, “Concrete conversation” Generation 4,”Raqsh” Generation 5, “key of Life” Generation 6 and “Kamalah”. All alumni spoke about their project’s idea development, implementation, communication and much more. Generation 8 wrote down all critical information presented to them for future use during their project phase.