The day started off with something Kuwait is very famous for: oil. The Candidates met at Ahmed Al Jaber oil and Gas exhibition for an exclusive tour in collaboration with Kuwait Petroleum Company. Generation 8 learned about Kuwait’s oil history, KPC history and the process of oil extraction to its different usage. The tour ended at the gift shop and a group picture with KPC and KOC representatives.


Later on the day Generation 8 met with one of The Proteges program continuous supporter over the past years; Tap payments. The Candidates had the chance to sit with Mr. Ali Abulhassan who is the CEO at Tap Payments. Mr. Ali welcomed the Candidates at his office and spoke about how Tap started as a startup and evolved over the past years. Mr. Ali explained to Generation 8 how to setup an online business and he focused on Tap payment services and the kind of different payment solutions offered by them. He also touched on the benefits of online payments for all type of businesses not only in Kuwait but in the region. And in the end Tap payments team surprised Generation 8 with a cake wishing the Candidates the best of luck on their upcoming journey for the next 96 days which is their project phase.