Day 1
Sunday, June 30th
Location: Chairman’s club, KIPCO tower
The protégés candidates were welcomed and seated at the chairman’s club. They started their journey by writing a letter to their future selves, something they’d like to read in ten or even more years! After that, the annual picture of the new generation took place. Furthermore, mentors and chancellors were introduced, code of conduct was read thoroughly. Then, they played a couple of icebreakers for them to get to know themselves and each other more. 



Day 2
Monday, July 1st
Location: AUK, Auditorium
The day started with Mentor Rana explaining and discussing the importance and basic understanding of business ethics. She went on to use distinct ways of getting the message across. A presentation followed by implementation via the ‘snakes and ladders’ game. Prior to the game, each team had their own case presentation in which they went up and presented their arguments and ideas. The game ended with the first team (peaky blinders) by answering the questions fastest and reaching the final goal of the snakes and ladders game.



Day 3
Tuesday, July 2nd
Location: KIPCO tower
The love map! The day started with the candidates sharing their own definitions of love. It went on with mentor Yarub explaining what a love map is and the importance behind it. So, what is a love map? Each candidate had their own large poster where they mapped out the things they loved. With that poster, they had a variety of their interests on paper, some of the candidates were even surprised to witness that they loved more things than they thought. It’s amazing how adding simple loved things to our daily life can change the way we perceive our outcomes. 




Day 4
Date: Wednesday, July 3rd
Location: AUK, Auditorium
The fourth day started with an introductory talk from the head of relations in Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, KPC, Mr. Jamal Al-Sanousi. He made sure to mention many times that they’re here for the candidates and all their needs, hoping to see our students working hard for their dreams individually and as a group. After Mentor Rana’s praise to Mr. Jamal, the students spent the rest of their day with her and a very exciting session about talent discovery. They each got to understand themselves more. Mentor Rana focused on how each of them are in total control of their timeline in life and the importance of following their instincts. She also pointed out that it’s okay not to abide by the rules of a typical society. 




Day 5
Date: Thursdsay, July 4th
Location: AUK, Auditorium
Artistic piece of you. The day started with a brief presentation by Ms.Mariam Al-Omani, explaining what the candidates will be doing during the session. This was followed by some physical exercises and imaginary movements to enhance their productivity. Then they moved onto the main part of the session: performing a play. This included splitting the candidates into teams based on their abilities and interests. The five teams were filmmaking, acting, writing, musical and artistic teams. The candidates were asked to decide on each aspect of the play, practicing their roles and documenting behind the scenes in a 2 minute video.



Day 6
Date: Saturday, July 6th
Location: Elevation burger – Bidae,  AUK, Auditorium
Our first weekend together in G9 was welcomed by the Elevation team. The students spent an interesting session with Mr.Abdulaziz Al-Turaiji and Ms.Mona Nusaiba, who both were kind enough to explain the role of their team in the proteges and how happy they are to be our sponsor for the 5th time this year. They overviewed the business market in Kuwait and what they added to it. And after enjoying a nice meal at Al-Bidae branch, the students enjoyed a drama therapy session with our own Mentor Fatma Al-Qadfan. The session explained the concept of drama therapy and its effects. With each acting activity, students started opening up and learned how to be more expressive.