Sunday, July 7th
Location: Chairman’s club, KIPCO tower
The new generation spent a session full of tips and tricks on how to build up their charisma. They started their day with Mentor Yarub Burhama, where they discussed a variety of famous personals and how influential they were because of their unique traits. He pointed out that it’s okay not to follow the idea of perfection and to not trust the superficial information. His session was followed by a surprise visit from Dr.Bassam Al-Jazzaf. He spent such an interesting couple of hours with the students, talked about his experience in life and what are the 30 traits that make a person charismatic. His session was packed with useful information for everyone attending. Students were excited to find how many of these traits they currently have. 



Day 8
Monday, July 8th
Location: Kuwait Fund
Welcomed by Kuwait fund, all students were seated in a beautiful hall with amazing set up and sound system! They welcomed Ms.Rana Al-Rushaid  which was the guest speaker of the day with the topic of Design thinking. Throughout the session they got exposed to what design thinking was, it’s main concept, implements and how it could affect our lives. Examples of successful companies using “design thinking” inspired many students and made it easier to understand. The session included many fun activities that were eye opening. During the break, students got to enjoy delicious food and mingled around.



Day 9
Tuesday, July 9th
Location: Coded
Today marks our first day in our bootcamp in CODED! The day went in a very interesting way, considering that most of the students were not familiar with coding and technical work. The place’s environment was very helpful, it can be easily described with cozy and friendly. G9 spent half of their session learning how to develop their own websites and the other half doing it. Each student incorporated their ideas and passion to the website they created, it wasn’t easy, but most students were up to the challenge and succeeded with a big smile on their faces. Also, with the amazing snacks provided by our host, our new generation was constantly energized and ready to give more!



Day 10
Wednesday, July 10th
Location: Coded
The second day of our coding bootcamp and another day full of opportunities and experiences at CODED! Our students spent another day learning how to code more of themselves in the websites they created the previous day. There is no denying that it was hectic, but most candidates did incredibly great! And of course we can’t deny the huge help they got from the CODED team, they were more than delighted to explain and help with every bit of info. And as our students carved their way through a new topic like “coding”, snacks and good vibes came to their way. The day ended with ten short presentations, each one was about a random student talking about what they did and why they did it regarding their websites. 



Day 11
Thursday, July 11th
Location: Diyar United company – Coded
The day started with a session at Diyar United Company. A beautiful two hour session was conducted by Mr.Ahmad Al-Marouf about Technology, our values, and the world to come. The session was full of valuable information and interesting stories. It sure captivated the students attention and kept them thinking.
The day then continued at coded for our final session of boot camp! It was Tech day presented by Mr.Hashim Behbahani. Tech day included all the basic tools and essentials to help start up a tech company. The session kept building up and they were then surprised with a business pitch competition. Students then split up to 6 groups, worked on coming up with an idea, developing it and finally pitching it. They were all super creative and passionately fought for their ideas. Judges  invested their “fake” money in the ideas presented. It was an exciting challenge for both the students and the judging panel!


Day 12
Saturday, July 14th
Location: Elevation Burger – AUK
The last day of our second week ended strong! G9 was welcomed by the elevation team where they started off their day with a session by Ms.Danah Hamadah. She was curious to know about their highlights so far in the program, and the students were amazingly interactive with her. Then, the candidates were divided into 5 groups, each had their turn to go for a kitchen tour. It was an enlightening, fun experience, and the elevation team was kind enough to answer all questions afterwards. They were impressed by how clean the Kitchen was and the workflow of the employees.  After that, G9 were surprised by a visit from the ambassador of Australia. He expressed how hopeful he is in the new generation and wished them good luck in the direction they choose for themselves and their country. And after a delicious meal at elevation, the students headed to AUK to complete the rest of the sessions planned. They started with a session about the Business model canvas by Ms.Noura Al-Askar.  They worked in groups to fill it and build their business.
The day ended with their presentations of the (1 KD challenge!). It was judged by both Mentor Rana Al-Khaled and Mentor Eman Al-Reshaid. Each student had their unique idea presented and they were all impressed by the ideas of their peers. 

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