Generation 8 – Day 30

Generation 8 day started at 8:30AM with morning greetings from Mentors Yarub Burhama, Mohammed Al Munaikh and Rana Al Khaled to the Candidates welcoming them to a sea of poetry. Jibran Khalil Jibran’s poetry was discussed with the Candidates and they participated by sharing a story that explains Jibran’s message behind his poetry. The discussion with the Mentors included lovely, poetic answers from the Candidates. Then the Mentors took the Candidates outside in the garden and challenged them on scoring the highest points by using a flying object. The Candidates had so many objects that they can use to build a flying object, however; that was not the objective of the activity because the point was to score the highest, which means the object does not have to be built to fly. Three out of four groups built objects looking like airplanes, paper planes, and so on. However, one of the group realized they can simply throw an object, and they will score the highest. Therefore, the winner team decided to throw the glue, and indeed it was the correct way. The point of this session was to think inside the box.


In the afternoon, Generation 8 had lunch and got ready to ride the bus to go to the University of Wales for Public Speaking session by Kath Penaluna. The session took place in an old wooden library at Wales University. The session included a practice where the Candidates were requested to speak about a watermelon creatively. One of the Candidates turned the watermelon into a restaurant and blew the speaker and fellow Candidates away with the creativity and eloquence of her speech.


The day ended with a rehearsal with Mentor Fatemah Al Qadfan of playback prepared by the Candidates to be performed tomorrow to a live audience from Swansea at the YMCA theater.


Generation 8 – 4ME’s

Sun is up! Alarm clock at 6am today to get ready for the picnic breakfast organized by Carreg Adventure on Swansea beach. After breakfast, Mentor Yarub Burhama gave a session called 4 ME’s and challenged the Candidates to let their inner child come out. After the first part of the session, they had a well deserved stop at Verdi’s, a place very well known for their local ice-cream in Mumbles Bay. The Candidates also had a great lunch with the Mentors and enjoyed the refreshing beautiful weather.


The session continued back at the mansion with Mentor Yarub Burhama using painting and modeling clay practice which helped the Candidates to express their emotions and feelings through art. Each of them presented their masterpiece and had to name it accordingly. The results were amazing and Generation 8 had a great time doing this activity.


One hour later, Carreg Adventure organized two outdoor activities where Generation 8 had to prove their teamwork spirit and skills. The first group was doing an activity called “Crate Stack”, where the group showed a real seriousness in helping, encouraging and supporting each other not to give up. Meanwhile, the second group had to build up the game together before playing it, combining their minds, assets and being effective and efficient in team building. The collaboration observed truly amazed the Mentors and Generation 8 ended the day on a great note.


Generation 8 – Greatness

The day was in collaboration with Elevation Burger where The Candidates hiked to the Three Cliffs. The Candidates had the chance to spend some time on the beach where they were given a session by Mentor Mohammed Al Munaikh and Mentor Yarub Burhamah about “Who we are?”.


Straight after the session, they were divided into 4 groups and had a challenge which was to capture a magical moment (photography) on the beach and the best photo has been promised to be featured in the next edition of The Proteges Magazine.

The second part of the day took place in the historical Carreg Cennen Castle where Mentors Yarub Burhamah and Mentor Shamlan Al Bahar gave a session about Greatness. The session helped the Candidates to discover their inner greatness.


Generation 8 – Day 27

Today was in collaboration with by Tap Payments company, Generation 8 visited Liberty Stadium in Swansea where they were briefed about the resurrection of Swansea City football team. They also watched a short video which explained the heritage and history of Swansea football team, and the festivities that is broadened throughout the city because of Swansea Football Team. After the video, Generation 8 took a tour around the stadium, entered the VIP areas and witnessed the experience of watching a football match in the VIP balconies.


The Candidates then split into 3 groups to develop their project idea. Each group had its own idea and the Candidates spent good hours of planning, researching, and executing. Then, it was time to leave the football stadium and head back to Carreg Adventures (the mansion) for lunch. The bus ride was fantastic, interaction at its peak by playing games such as: fun facts about yourself, and solve the riddle.

Upon arrival to Carreg Adventures the Candidates had lunch then continued working on finalizing their projects. Some groups enjoyed the garden, some enjoyed the hall, and surprisingly, some found sitting on the staircase inspirational. When the time was up, all groups presented their presentations to the Mentors and other groups then voting took place. The winner team, is will be the final project.



Generation 8 – Project Brainstorming

Touchdown Swansea…..

Generation 8 finally made it to Swansea (Wales) in the beautiful historical Mansion, built in 1739, of Carreg Adventure, their home for the next 10 days.

The day begun with an early hike to Arthur’s Stone at 5:30am. The hike was a great way to start the program abroad as it was a first time experience for most Candidates. The Candidates hiked in complete silence and that helped them to reconnect with mother nature, free their mind and absorb the positive energy for the rest of the day. Once the Candidates were back to the mansion, the Mentors started the Project Brainstorming session by explaining the essential guidelines on how to direct a fruitful brainstorming session.

It was a big day for Generation 8 as today will determine the project which they will be working on for the next 96 days.




Generation 8 – Travel Day

In our last Drama Therapy session in Kuwait, Mentor Fatmah Al Qadfan added more improvisational theatre exercises, encouraging the Candidates to express themselves through storytelling, music, and movement. The Candidates created sculptures to address various experiences, showing improved teamwork and an ability to perform under pressure. The most exciting part is that, Generation 8 is gearing up for a Playback Theatre performance in Swansea; where they will be retelling stories they hear from audience members. This is the first time Playback theatre is ever taught in Kuwait. And Generation 8 will be part of a worldwide community of playback theatre performers.


After the morning session, it was time to go back home and finish packing for the trip. The Candidates, Mentors and Chancellors met at Caribou at Kuwait International airport where they said goodbye to their families and friends and they took of to Swansea.



Generation 8 – Lahaj

Mentor Yarub Bourahmah started the day talking about the highest level of love, which is called in arabic “Lahaj”. He then discussed with the Candidates the difference between the things that we truly love and the things that we are used to do. Mentor Yarub then asked the Candidates: “What is Passion?”, the Candidates shared their thoughts about passion with Mentor Yarub.

Mentor Yarub then introduced another topic, which was about energy and its role in our daily life. He then gave each Candidate a letter and asked them to open it. Once the letters were open, Mentor Yarub introduced the concept of the “Love Map”. He explained to the Candidates what it is and how is it useful for our daily life, he also told them that it’s a one way map to our authentic selves.


Mentor Yarub then gave the Candidates time to create their love maps. After the time was done, he asked each Candidate to share 3 things they’re passionate about. Mentor Yarub then asked the Candidates: “How can we enhance our love maps and put it into life?”. The Candidates shared their thoughts and their ideas about enhancing their love maps. Mentor Yarub then spoke about inspirations and how ideas would start and grow until they become an experience.


Later on the day, the Candidates met Ms. Farah Al Wuqayan who is a poet. Ms. Farah talked about her passion for poetry, she also said that she uses words and language as her powerful tool to express herself. Ms. Farah shared with the Candidates some of her poets, which made the Candidates wonder and feel in awe.

The Candidates asked Ms. Farah many questions that made her smile. Then, she thanked the Candidates for their questions as they made her realize new things about herself. The Candidates in return thanked Ms. Farah for her presence and her open heart and took a group picture with her.

Generation 8 – Day 22

The day started with Ms. Farah Ismael who is the Senior of Marketing and PR department in Alfa. Ms. Farah spoke about Alfa’s history, how it started and grew over the years. She further said that Alfa believes in supporting youth and they are very happy in supporting The Proteges Program 2 years in a row. Ms.Farah shared her passion and experience in shooting and she as a two times world champion in shooting. And the talked ended with Q&A with the Candidates and a group picture.


After that, Mentor Shamlan Al Bahar showed the Candidates some short videos that had a high-impact. He encouraged the Candidates to watch several short videos to pitch their ideas for their mini project.

Generation 8 – Self-interest

Mentor Shamlan Al Bahar started the day by going through the trip guidelines and instructions. Then The Proteges Generation 8 apparel were distributed to the Candidates which were designed in collaboration with Al Nasser Sports.


Following that, the Candidates met Mr. Nasser Al Mannai who is the Assistant of the Chief Marketing Officer of Commercial Facilities Company (CFC). Mr. Nasser gave a brief introduction about the CFC work, its aim, and the challenges faced during the creation of the company. He also talked about their significant participation and help during the financial crisis in the 80’s. In the end, Mr. Nasser thanked The Proteges Team for giving them the opportunity to support Generation 8. He concluded his speech with an advice to the Candidates to work sincerely for the future of Kuwait.

IMG_1944 2.jpg

Continuing the day, Mentor Abdulaziz Al Loughani started his session by referring to Generation 7 Protege Ms. Dalal Al Ramadan’s who is the inspiration of today’s topic which was “Self-interest”. He then asked the Candidates to split themselves into groups, and asked them to reflect on some questions such as: “What is self-interest?”, “What is it linked to?”, “What is public interest?”, “What are emotions? How do we get them and how do we feel them?” and “What is reasoning?”

The Candidates reflected on the questions among themselves and discussed their answers with Mentor Abdulaziz. After that he showed them some pictures and discussed their meanings. Furthermore, Mentor Abdulaziz did an activity, in which he gave the Candidates several real life cases and asked them to describe what is self-interest and what is the benefit of each case. The discussion was to ensure that the Candidates understand the concept of self-interest.

IMG_1976 2

Mentor Abdulaziz then moved to another topic, which was decision making. He taught the Candidates how to be aware of whether they are taking decisions based on reasoning or emotions. Following that, Mentor Abdulaziz did 3 exercises to ensure that the Candidates understand the concept. In the given exercises, he encouraged the Candidates to ask as many questions as possible before making any decision. The Candidates succeeded in learning the concept and were able to ask more than 90 questions before taking a decision on any case.

At the end of the day, Mentor Shamlan Al Bahar did an activity, to energize the Candidates and to make them aware that an idea could be molded into different shapes and different perspectives when it is not handled carefully from one person to another. Mentor Shamlan then gave the Candidates 10 minutes to brainstorm a new mini project with high impact which they needed to implement the next day.

Generation 8 – Business Learnings from Surat Yousef

The day started at Al Masjid Al Kabeer, where Mentor Abdulaziz Al Loghani started the session by reading the first verses of Surat Yousef. He then asked the Candidates: “What makes a good story?”. The Candidates were interactive with Mentor Abdulaziz and they discussed in details the important factors that make a good story. For example, they said that events which resonates with people will make a good story. Also, they said that adding emotions to the story will make the story more attractive and will make people relate to it.  


After that, Mentor Abdulaziz Al Loughani discussed in details the story of Prophet Yousef with the Candidates and he made sure that all of the Candidates are engaged. Mentor Abdulaziz focused on the business side of the story and he emphasized on the intelligence of Prophet Yousef about long-term business planning.

Later on the day, Mentor Mohammed Al Munaikh talked about business visionary and what makes a good business. He then introduced the term “Emotional Intelligence” to the Candidates and emphasized on the importance of social and emotional intelligence. Mentor Mohammed played a video by Harvard Business Publishing, in which the speakers discussed the importance of emotional intelligence as it affects leadership skills and the organizational performance.


Finally, to conclude the day, Mentor Abdulaziz did a debate exercise, in which he split the Candidates into two groups. He asked each of the groups to represent a specific character and to do a research about both of the chosen characters. Each group had to defend their assigned character and to attack the other character. By then end of the debate Mentor Abdulaziz and Mentor Mohammed announced the winning group.